Saturday, 11 August 2012

3 Days to go....!

Well, this week the build up to series 3 of the 'Bake Off' has really kicked off!  We're in the Radio Times where there is brilliant picture of all twelve of us bakers, remarkably all looking at the camera and smiling, I have a mention in the Shropshire Star and there is an article in 'The Guardian' in the TV OD section.  Perhaps the most exciting though is that  BBC 2 are now showing the trailer for the first episode which Cathryn and I are in, (looking incredibly serious and worried) and the website has been updated with all of us having our own picture and short intro!

It's all feeling really real now, which is incredibly exciting but also very daunting!  Seeing how excited everyone is about the new series is amazing.  At the time when we were taking part, it didn't really feel like we were doing anything special (mainly because most of the time it was pouring with rain and freezing cold!) but with all this build up and hype I can't help feeling like we were part of something really special and that its going to be an amazing series!  I'm just hoping that I don't make a complete doughnut of myself (not too often anyway!)

I hope that you enjoy the first show, some of the cakes that were made were quite remarkable (and I'm including yours in there Cat) so it should be a good 'un!
We're not having a viewing party for the first show, but I will let my big girl stay up late to watch Mummy on the telly. I'm sure that I will be watching most of it from behind a cushion though!

Sj x

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