Monday, 12 November 2012

"Carry on Baking"

Hello folks,

We want to start by saying that we are so sorry that the blog has been rather neglected of late!  We have been very busy bees setting up and running our new market stall, 'Carry on Baking' in Horsham Carfax on a Saturday.

If you've been to see us......THANK YOU!

What do you think of our Market Banner?  We love it, thanks so much to Jill Spratt (@jillspratt) who found us on Facebook and designed it for us!

Our first Market day was the 27th October and there was a Halloween theme!  We are really enjoying the market experience,  we even got right in the swing of it with some 'market banter shouting' at the end of this Saturday...."come and grab a last minute tasty bargain!" etc...

We have been overwhelmed by how many lovely people have come to see us, and buy some of our goodies (some people even want photos, which is lovely)!  We have been very lucky with out local press too, who have sent lots of people our way!

Below is a link to a little vid of us on our first week!!!

"Market Mayhem"

Needless to say there is masses of baking involved, we want everything to be fresh, tasty and baked by us.  This means that we plan what we'll bake at the start of the week but only start baking late Thursday...and finish late Friday/early Saturday!!!  it's a baking marathon!!!

We plan to pull our baking socks up and start posting some of our market stall recipes here soon.

Here is an idea of what we've been baking for the stall...
Week one: Halloween
Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin goats cheese and sage pies, toffee apple cookies, Gruyere ghosts, chocolate witches cat biscuits, spiced bundt cake, scarily spicy cheese and chipotle scones, frighteningly fruity flapjack (mango,chewy banana and coconut), jammy eyeballs!!!
Week two: Bonfire night
'Cathryn' wheel biscuits, white chocolate and cranberry tiffin, rocky road bars, toffee pear cake, caramel apple loaf (gluten free), 'Sarah-Jane' cheese stars, cheese potato and chorizo pasties, chocolate honeycomb cake, bonfire buns, toffee apples, grannies sticky gingerbread

Week three: Autumn
brie cranberry thyme tartletts, apple frangipan tartletts, coffee and walnut cake, snickers cookie sandwiches, cheese and chive biscuits, apple cake with honey frosting, banana White chocolate and coconut loaf, chocolate chestnut torte, roasted hazelnut teaser bars,

Come and see us!!!

Recipes to follow soon

SJ and C


  1. Oh ladies that truly is a fab banner! Good on you for having a strong look to your stall. If only I lived closer... Guess I need to go bake myself a tasty treat inspired by you gals!

  2. Hi Ladies,

    Loved watching you on Bake Off! Can I ask a little bit about the logistics of setting up a market stall? Do you have to have a Basic Food Hygiene to sell baked goods? Are there rules on packaging of goods? Do you have to put food labels on your products, with BB dates etc?

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Lizz,

      If you contact your local Enviromental Health and trading standards they will be able to answer any questions and give you lots of help and advise. Your local market operator should also be able to help. If you want some general hints and tips feel free to visit our website in the traders area we have some useful info.

      Thanks Marion

  3. We went on the Bonfire week, and everything we bought was sooo tasty! You were such nice people, and thank you for the photo too. My dad even had a white chocolate tiffin, and he's a vegan! Now he keeps asking me to make tiffins. Our plan is to visit again sometime before Christmas, so hope to see you again soon! :)

  4. HI,

    Your banner is fab, good luck with the stall and looking forward to some more recipes (where do you get your engery from?)


  5. Would love the recipe for the gluten free caramel apple loaf - my auntie is coeliac and would adore it! (and the rest of us too!)

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  7. I love the photos and the banner is brilliant. Can you post the recipe for the White chocolate and coconut loaf please! :) P.s. Thank you Cathryn for retweeting me on Twitter a few weeks ago, it meant so much to me and was an awesome feeling being RTed by someone i really admire! You two rock! :)